Emma Chapman Training Events 2020

These events may be held at different venues, please contact us for more information.

  • 12th January Rider first aid
  • 18th January Spook busting & groundwork clinic
  • 19th January Rider first aid
  • 25th January Rider first aid
  • 19th February Horse behaviour evening
  • 7th March Polework Clinic
  • 9th May Pleasure and Horsemanship Clinic
  • 16th June Pre Show Clinic
  • 13th/14th June Michael Langford Weekend Clinic
  • 20th June Polework
  • 24th June Trail Evening
  • 22nd July Trail Evening
  • 1st/2nd August Summer Camp
  • 8th/9th August Summer Camp
  • 19th August Trail Evening
  • 22nd August Pre Show Clinic
  • 12th September General Western Clinic
  • 3rd October Ranch Clinic
  • 17th October Western Dressage
  • 7th November Western Dressage
  • <
  • 21st October Ranch Clinic
  • 6th December Christmas Show


to Cowling Hill Farm – an equestrian centre combining a unique training environment with the natural horsemanship talents of our trainer and western instructor Emma Chapman.

Our mission is to aid in the positive development of horses and their owners through a range of successfully practiced techniques that result in a happy and safe relationship which both horse and rider can enjoy.

We hope you enjoy reading through the content of our website and look forward to the journey which we will share as a result of your enquiry.

Western Equestrian Society Area 5