Emma Chapman

Emma Chapman is the trainer and instructor who delivers all courses and clinics on offer at Cowling Hill.

Emma has an excellent reputation in the local area for working with a wide range of horses. Specialising in untouched, young and remedial horses, Emma works on the psychology and underlying reasons for behaviour in order to gain trust, respect and understanding which will lead to workable solutions for the benefit of both horse and rider.

Emma has grown up with horses and from a young age decided that there must be a better way to train and ride without resorting to pain and fear. Emma was first introduced to a different way at the age of 11 by an original Monty Roberts instructor. She went on to achieve an award in Natural Horsemanship, which combined with ten years studying and practising the methods, stands Emma in a strong position to deliver her skills in a confident and professional manner.

Over the years Emma has also gained knowledge and skills in areas such as showing and Western riding. She regularly competes in Western and English classes on horses that she has trained. This goes to prove that her methods are not just trick training but in fact create willing and safe horses for any sphere of use.

Emma is a Western Equestrian Society Level 2 instructor allowing her to teach other riders of all abilities western riding, she offers this is private or group lessons and clinics at Cowling Hill Farm or on your own yard.

Riding Establishment License

Name: Emma Lonie
Area: Hambleton District Council
License No: ### #### ###