Our clinics range from one to three days and offer the perfect opportunity to iron out any issues with your horse or just to understand your horse a little better, in beautiful surroundings with like-minded people.

Clinics are tailored to your individual needs and we can cater for all ages and abilities.

We often have a selection of interesting demonstrations and talks from all aspects of the equine industry.

The following clinics are run on a regular basis:

Confidence Building for Horse and Rider

If you want to gain more confidence in the saddle, on the ground or with a particular situation - this clinic is for you. Together with your horse we will work to overcome fears turning a usually terrifying situation into a calm, safe experience.

This clinic is fantastic for spooky horses as we work with the horse and rider over a number of obstacles and everyday situations - picking up on the small signs from the horse, that help us to avoid the big explosions.

In this clinic we may cover:

  • Obstacle work such as walking over Tarpaulins and through water
  • Leading
  • De-sensitization
  • Long lining
  • Noise training
  • Hacking out in open spaces

Groundwork and Youngster Handling

There is so much work that can be done from the ground for horses of all ages. This can help build the foundations for a ridden career and help you both to get along better.

This clinic will cover everyday situations with your horse and highlight how small changes in your behaviour can make a huge difference to the relationship with your horse.

During these clinics we will cover:

  • Leading work
  • Stable manners
  • Preparing for the farrier
  • Loading
  • Clipping
  • Obstacle work and De-sensitisation

Horsemanship Clinics

During this clinic you will gain a more in depth knowledge of the behavioural techniques we use at Cowling Hill Farm. There will be an opportunity to see your horse in a whole new light as you work closely to achieve a stronger working relationship. We will also work in more depth on any specific problem you are having.

These clinics are tailored to meet the needs of individuals. Examples include:

  • Leading and stable manners
  • Round pen work
  • Long lining
  • Bomb proofing
  • Ridden work and schooling
  • Suppleness and flexibility, softness and balance when ridden
  • Loading
  • Hacking
  • Plus much more


W.E.S. (Western Equestrian Society) approved instructor Emma Chapman will give you a step by step introduction to the world of western riding, in the ranch style setting of Cowling Hill Farm.

All abilities are catered for from beginners to more advanced western riders.

The weekend clinics can include:

  • The chance to ride in western tack
  • Western aids and maneuvers
  • Reining
  • Trail obstacles
  • Preparing for a show
  • Riding a Western show pattern

These clinics are a fun way to try something different with your horse and are guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience.

We run twice monthly clinics one during the week and one on a weekend to cater for all schedules.